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Stan On The Shoulders Of Giants

February 06, 2022 Mike Ranquet Episode 15
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RM015 Hey look! He thinks he’s flying, but it’s just Stan, on the shoulders of giants. I get right into some recent things as I’m starting to really realize I can’t stop the rant.
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Mike Ranquet:

Hello, Welcome to Rad Matters Podcast posi by Mike Ranquet. And yeah, this is it. This is where we talk a bunch of shit and you get hung up on shit. I don't know, say things over and over and expect them to change and they won't. So welcome to insanity. Right out this repackage for you. Yeah. Well, in the meantime, we'll get going here in a second. But uh, please enjoy listening to the Rad Matters orchestra, a one man band consisting of B metal fucking pipe pitches so yeah. Been a lot of pissin and moanin lately. I mean, on my end, I don't know what the fuck you guys are talking about out there. But, yeah, just feeling a little self conscious of mine. A lot of piss and moan and lately. Jesus Christ, man, get it fucking together. likely won't. But you know, we can all aim for the moon. And we'll cut that off. Okay, so. So here we go. Here we are. Yeah, start by saying, you know, I've had these. These thoughts lately. Yeah, I just wake up and feel lighter. I mean, basically, I do. All the venting I did on those episodes, I think really helped. Getting along with my girl better. I'm not just yelling at her or my kids just for no reason. No, um, no, it's funny. Like, I was like, okay, cool. I said I kind of feel good about that. And, and I told some some friends in the last week. I was like, Yeah, kind of feel square with maybe not, you know, cool with everything. Maybe couple every five, six episodes all vant again, but felt good. I think just to fucking air all that shit out. And yeah, maybe. Maybe it's gone. Like, you know, the I felt like, man, maybe I'm free. I'm gone. It's gone. I released it. And cut to last week. Watching stupid natural fucking contest. Where is supernatural? What's fucking natural about it? Who did just tell me that? It looks like an old X Games course with five inches of snow on it or something to me. I mean, it's like, you know, obviously, the landings are so I mean, it's like, yeah, just not too natural. Anywho I'm sure they'll, uh, they'll rip, you know, cuz you got to find you gotta have a winner at the end of the day, you know, is especially in these these individual sports that are really kind of predicated on one's personal style on how that can shape your manipulation of a board on a mountain and what not, and how it's unique in this, but it just feels so good to fucking judge it and get a winner. Like, you know, that's because absolutely needed. So it was surfing too. Yeah, surfing is probably the most interconnected activity you could do in the world to nature, like interconnected nature, like you're, you're one with nature, and they still need a number at the end of the day. That's what bowls ante. They just need a number. Everybody needs a number. Everyone needs a champion. It's fucking weird. But whatever I was, you know, I've always been around kind of driven competitive people. And that's probably why I'm not. You know, Craig, for example, I have a lot of friends that sound like I don't like those people. I just don't get it. What I've got my own challenges. I don't need I don't need any of you to be my challenges. So yeah, I probably picked up on you know, 1015 minutes of supernatural and that's cool going for on that whole NFT network thing. Right on guys. That's, yeah, there's nothing underlying there. Right. But though the one thing that irked me that just caught my attention, where I was like, Okay, what the fuck? And you know, not even not even like, what the fuck more like, just confused is like, huh, it's uh, it was it fucking Bert Bridges was like, Yeah, you know, Stan, the voice of snowboarding, just something to that effect. And it was like fucking throw it in your mouth. Like what the fuck? Like why would you even say that Pat? That's why fucking clown you because you would say that. It's like, how's he the voice of snowboarding who He, I'm just curious. Other than like, you know, the West Coast and Upper East Coast has he been anywhere to sell or besides Utah? I mean, I don't know. Maybe yes, I don't know. Um, it's, it's, uh, there's no vetting process like anybody that showed up on the doorstep of snowboarder magazine five years ago. And was, like, just unwaveringly wanting to take out the garbage do just do anything to be able to justify hanging out that's all it took. That's all took that's how you break into summer industries. And I like what they're just like, you know, I did I love snowboarding. fucking like who doesn't fucking snowboard he pretty much love it. I mean, I don't know it's kind of weird if you don't and maybe some people just do not enjoy I get that but like to say that is like the reason of something. You know? Like, it's just, it's really naive. It's really like, it's got to be more than that. Dude, you got to do more than just love snowboarding. Because like that's a diamond does and who fucking snowboard it doesn't pretty much love it. You know, you think you'd like that? Like you're like this you know, it says if you guys are the vanguard of this fucking no new movement and you know, kind of demeaning to our sport and culture to have just kind of like a fucking like Sam I don't really have anything so I don't dislike him maybe I do. But but you know I can hate on just for that. I don't even have to like have a reason that's the joy of hate. You know? But it's like II it's just the first kid that just shows up in fucking kisses Pat's ass to know and and is not you know, just that's all you have to do. Really? fucking that's crazy. It seems it we might require some more skills. Oh, well, I guess the fact that you're cool with these pro snowboarders. You know, it's funny when, when someone in your position has to say be faced with this fact. It's kind of like you're like, you know, either have a drug dealer friend that ever like goes, Look, man, I wish people would just call me to say hi. But you're a drug dealer. Dude. That's what that's what you do. You dealer. You know, if you want a TV set, you go to TV store, you want you know, you want to get high call your drug dealer. But if you want to get a magazine, or you know, get the say at least be in the the the shit talk pages in a favorite light. You got to call the magazine news. And guess what, Pat? You guys are magazine dudes. That's it. And for the most part, I mean, I know for like, impasse case. Most of the people that call you fucking live with their parents, dude. You know, like, I'm in that situation in, in that you guys do have an opportunity to have a lot of influence over their kind of careers and whatnot. As snowboarders and you know, it's like say, say I've ever seen this shot of Pedro. Pro Skater. Like a year ago, it was just a random shot like him just high five and somebody. Maybe one of the offices of a company he skates for, but in tow, who he was hanging out with. It was like Who is it? He was Dwayne Peters just so gnarly. Like where you feel like whoa, that's crazy. It's because like skater it's like you get up to a certain point okay, sir hanging out with these guys, sir. Hey, yo, cuz you're gonna learn a lot. That's the deal. It's not that we're just cool. And we've kind of done what you've done. You can actually learn from us. You can ask me advice as a snowboarder pro snowboarder like you get to talk to Sam about that because or pat because they're the voice of snowboarding. Or you get to talk to fucking snowboarder that, you know. I don't know classically trained to snowboarder from day one. Not just whatever is cool that month snowboarding from day one because you know a few those guys were so true to their core of the sport of snowboarding. Yeah, they just be I mean, they did name their fucking magazine slush, which is just an annoying kind of a form of snow. Yeah, sure. It's fun, but fuck fun. I want to be scared. I want to go ride mountains. I don't want to hit jumps with kids. And yeah, it's like that's what you guys are into. And that's why it's like, you know, that's why I'm kind of like pulling the EBIT, yo and weak voices snowboarding you know, you guys Fucking Yeah, it's like, you know, I, I questioned if either them's really had even, you know, say written good powder like life changing powder until they're like in their 20s, maybe even 30s Because certainly people that had ridden that type of snow would do to snowboarder magazine, what Pat did the day he walked in and just urbanized, the fucking magazine for years, if you had any kind of like, connection to the core of snowboarding, you went to just dumped it all like that you would have integrated it. You know, like, I've used this before, it's kind of like punk rock and rock. Over the years, punk rock just became part of the fabric of the DNA of rock music, whereas the rail urban writing should just be part of the fabric DNA of the entirety of the sport of which includes other things. So you know, um, and that's what he called any backlash, say for me about like that sell riding? Um, I just don't get it in that like skateboarders. That's part of their natural terrain, snowboarders. What, but whatever, I respect it, and I do understand it. But you know, any kind of like, fucking fuck that shit. It would come from the fact that that's all it was like, say. It covered. It's as if it was like, they invented it themselves in the 2000s and forgot that. Oh, yeah, those students were doing it, like over a decade ago before that. But yeah, that's cool. That's what happens when you don't know your history or anything, really. And, you know, as far as you guys are concerned, though, the Czar's of snowboarding in fucking what the voice Yes, ridiculous, dude, come on. It's fucking weird. How it's like this other you know, like the one thing that really connected us to these other sports and then gave us the the the the moniker of being a board sport. And I'll point out that not you know, just because you have the word board, in the sport name doesn't mean it's a board sport. You know, there's boogie board, there's waterboarding. I mean, there's all sorts of boarding that that's not in the main three. And it's like, that's a, that's a big responsibility. You're, you're part of these two things that have been around a long time before you. But you guys didn't know any of this shit. You guys didn't know how hard it was to, like, kind of get, in the sense get snowboarding accepted by skaters. And that's just something I just really took on. And, you know, in a sense, it's completely backfired. You know, you could say that for short. You know, maybe some things were lost in that transition even. But for the most part, the idea was that we'll be on a good track with these other What do you call it? Sports that have been around and they also have brands and companies built around them already. Like, it was a walk in deal, you know, like rollerblading or some fucking, you know, when servi they would have fucking died for this type of acceptance, and then for our sport, just to turn around, and just give all our shit away to the kind of like, two skiers. Like what the fuck like, you guys were just so happy that they accepted you. You're just you just fuck take that. No, no, no, just keep it keep it No, no, it's yours. It's your, like, what was going through everyone's minds then when, when that was happening? I mean, I know it was going through my mind had nothing to do with snowboarding at that point. You know, I signed off on my post in that sense and assuming the next post holders would, you know, at least you know, act responsibly, you know, say even the pro riders that just get blown up to fucking you know, to kingdom come and two years later, you can't even remember their fucking names because they just come in and out so fucking quick for you. It's like, this is like a big joke. Like, what is this a big social thing? And you know yeah, it Yeah, it's funny, man. Because you know, I do get lately especially. Yeah, just lots of random calls, random emails, texts, as well as like, just randomly reaching out people saying, Hey, what's up and no, it's like, there's, you know, just a lot of a lot of people out there. I just kind of hear the same things. It's like, Oh, what was it what one what I think I heard from a couple different people that say had had ridden with Pat in the last couple of years. I think one of cats here in Canada, of course, it would be, you know, fucking boldface What do you call it? Yeah, cuz they want to be close to Craig Kelly. fucking joke, whatever. But I mean, the what I heard was that people are kind of like, they didn't really want Pat in their cat because he's so fucking slow. He just keeps a whole group of, you know, and, and I, you know, I haven't heard one thing and defensive, Stan, let's just put it that way. I'll just say that. And I'm not out there looking for anything. I just people call me up and we're just shooting the shit and I've just never heard. You know, someone just tried to set me straight on that be like, Hey, man, he really he does this for this. Really, cuz I haven't seen jack shit he's done for the sport. But I you know, I know of a lot of dudes whose names I can't remember anymore because he just came in and out so fucking fast. That at some point, you know, got broke off and broke by snowboarding. And, you know, the the 12 month pros, you know, their card expired years ago and they're, they're fucking out there. They're everywhere. And they fucking rip and probably love snowboarding more than you guys. You know, I think that that you know, that's your that's your qualifications. Well, everyone's got that fucking qualification. Okay, like, we all love the sport. And you know, quit bringing dogshit in here. It's like you guys just stepped in dogshit out in the real world and just drag it into our fucking sport. Like all the the politics that work the inclusive. fuck you guys. This is a fucking sport that's we interconnect with people from different backgrounds whose we have this in common. It's what ties the different groups of people together and, and that's, that's amazing. That's fucking cool. You know, to it's like, Who cares who you fucking vote for? Who cares what you think on this? Or who cares? You know who you want to fuck tonight I it's just it doesn't matter. When you're up snowboarding, you put up you put on your goggles, just put on your goggles, boom, just start LARPing you know, just fucking go with it. But just leave the ship behind. Like, it's, you know, just kind of dragging personal worldviews into the fabric of a sport. It's disasterous. You know, come on it again. It the sport is what brings us together. You know, and so it's like, if you're going to be the, you know, at the helm of this media conglomeration, you know, between you guys in the fucking the bomb hall or whatever. I mean, you got it's all one in the same everybody knows, I think I mean, I just assume. I don't know shit. So whatever. Yeah, and obviously, I didn't just, you know, come up with this rant today, right? It's uh, this shits been a you know, bubbling for fucking two decades because I've been watching it in slow motion watching like, it's been like the, the early 2000s and even know what that section is called? Whatever the zero fucking Oh 504 Basically, after Craig died, like, I feel like the wheels just kind of came off. That's when like, I think it's about the time when, you know, Burton just signed off on the fucking the French CEO and they're just fucking brick and mortar shops every which way. And we had just the wheels kind of came off, you know, we're bigger than Jesus were fucking about Shawn watt. And but then he got too big and you know, just kind of fucking walk away from that. I mean, yeah, it's just it's so fucking weird the fickleness of it all. But so am I, I'm weird and fickle, you know? But, you know, like, I was thinking to is like, yeah, the big difference between say myself and, and people like Pat or sand is, you know, they're defined by snowboarding. Which I'm not defined by snowboarding, but same time. I defined snowboarding Sorry, not sorry. That's the way it is. Dude. Like the whole fact of like, just the, I don't know. Maybe just step back like you guys have not had what's best for the sport in mind. Really ever you've had hanging on to some fucking jobs in the media in mind. And fair enough. We need that and yeah, I'm just saying I get it you guys are influential and but to say, to just self proclaimed to be the voice of snowboarding. I mean, it's basically Pat saying that about fucking Stan is basically self proclaiming it. Um it's, it's just like no it's a joke it's just, it's insulting and that like where do they like like say, I don't know, I just can't take somebody seriously that sexy maybe even a marketing position for a big brand and you know, that just hasn't hasn't fucking traveled and really hung out with snowboarders all over the world everywhere like, you know, have you been to the tip of Norway? Have you been to the fucking? To the mountains in Greece? have you here like that's when you can be a voice for snowboarding when you understand like there are differences between Austria and Switzerland and France and like, even by the valley in those countries. Have you guys spent time in the Alps? Would you know anything about this? Or is it all just a bunch of fucking consonant laden names that you can barely pronounce? I mean, it's like they're, they're the Yeah, you know, just to kind of like, make that claim. Is is a? It's, it's just ridiculous. I'm sorry. I like, let's see, let me get some points here. Yeah, and, you know, back to the back to the the drug dealer line, you know, if I'm, you know, in my 20s, I did all sorts of drugs, you know, if the dude you call for Coke doesn't have coke anymore. You don't call him anymore? You know what I mean? Like, that's, it's, it's not your buddy. It's, it's, you know, kind of like, what do you call it? a means to an end. And, you know, that's what magazine guys are, you know, if you guys were just broke off from everything, and you know, fucking had to move home basically type thing. You know, just go get shitty jobs and blah, blah, blah. Basically, what every fucking pro snowboarder that you've guided over the years has to do. But whatever. If all that she broke off, and you guys immediately would be as insignificant as say, anyone over 23 years old in the sport of snowboarding, trying to get a sponsor? That just be like, yeah, later. Um, yeah, of course you get for it. Like, I get it. You have been part of this bit bigger thing for a long time. But like, I'm just calling out that. I don't think anyone's ever criticized anything. And so it's hurray for everything. Everybody's always happy. That's another fucking thing. You can't be happy all the time. You can't just be full of positivity. There's a balance in life. You know, you got to be like, fucking me. Sometimes you got to let out your fucking toxicity. It feels fucking great. Especially when you realize you know, all these kind of a lot of these say, younger people listening as they've never had anybody, like raised their voice to them in their fucking lives. Like they just it's, it's it's insane. And you know, why? Why do I get like this? Maybe because I really fucking love snowboarding. Maybe because I like have a burning you know, burning love for somebody and I hate how it's been diminished in certain ways over the years and how it's what he call it. In the what he called the industry, the meat. Everyone's always in denial of where the sport actually really is, like, in by 2000. It was, you know, painfully clear, not painfully, but just you know, evidently clear that the average snowboarder was not 14 years old. Yet. Everything was aimed at 14 year olds. And so it's like, yeah, here we are again. So where he's been declined for fucking decades. You know, just drip drip, drip, drip, just losing little numbers. And it was we can't pretend like it's not happening and it's just odd. You know, um, yeah, you know, like, let's talk about Blue Montgomery. Okay. Um, no, I was thinking about him last night. I just saw that he did this interview on the bomb hole. I'd like to check that one out. For sure. I like blue a lot. I think. I think what what Would blues done in making it and he's not, you know, as far as I can tell him how to ski company. And and it's really cool. I like seeing that and I'm proud of blue and in Gumby and fucking just all those guys, the C three thing I don't know why I'm going off on this, I just thought you know, let's think about something not so sing about something forward and what what has transpired over the last 20 years it's cool. I would say that you know what blues done like he's, he's done a great job and I applaud that and I appreciate that. Like, you know, they just they got smart you know, they fucking it was like oh, you want sir company? Toxic Gumby. You know, like in Gumby is a really smart guy. Yeah, I've known him since Lamar days he ran Lamar. Yeah. And, yeah, so it's like that. That's a that's a good thing that's come about in the last 20 years, you know, like, I'm not just oh, yeah, no, I am. I'm just full Hey, I just sit here and see done shit all day. No, but but really, I'm not yet at the same time. That this sport, this this thing that it is of, of the virtue signaled fucking pansies that are running shit, just fucking you know, just, just remember, it's like this sport is what brings people from other backgrounds and opinions and thoughts. And you know, and in that sense, it's like, it is a diverse sport. You know? None. It's like how can you say like, I don't know, it's just when you get into that that type of shit when making decisions based on things like that. Your fuck off and your fucking is? Sport and you know, you'll you'll be on the wrong side of history. I Guaran fucking tee it because I'll still be here been here what? 40 fucking years pretty much and you know, yeah, I'll still be here. I would think you know, not everything needs to be novel. Tiser like made into some like, yeah, irony or joke and snowboard. Just the way that I've said this before it I felt this for fucking decades. And to be clear, I'm not referring in any way shape or form to the acronym IQ version of this. Say noise you make with your mouth. Powell? Like I believe it's Jeremy Jones is a protect our word. I'm not I'm not dissing on that one. I'm saying I hate the word fucking pow. I hate how it's used. I hate it's like, powder like writing powder. He's like the fucking best part of our sports of purest thing in the sport floating out going fast. It's something you can't do in a city street. Something you can't do in a park. It's something that's natural. It's you know, I still define snowboarders by just a couple of things really, you know, how do they turn in powder? Let's see their backside 180 and not a big one not like say cameras out I'm talking like she's writing down the fucking cat track behind someone they just pop a little one you can see everything you can see fucking see peer into their soul on a fucking mobile mobile back. So 180 In some cases, I've rarely been wrong. Yeah, you know, it feels good. It feels good to finally just like, uncork just a lot of this shit. And I'm just surprised how how much people are willing to overlook things or just kind of like knowingly believe some bullshit because it's easier to swallow basically than then what's really going on? You know, and but everybody does that everywhere yeah, it's like yeah, they you know, the these are just little things I'm remembering. You know, I can't like say take notes and read them while I do this. I did it for a second a couple months ago, but I just kind of like and just kind of fall off. You know, but you know that the whole I like, like, is Stan even his name? Right. Okay, I think there's I don't know I just read something like just like three or four different kind of aliases. This is like dude, just be your fucking self. Who are you? Like who like who are you? Who's Santa Santa fucking, kinda like ironic snowboard hipster guy that never really goes out and rides and unless you just like doing some sarcastic thing like Pat tan plants or cars or something. Yeah, like who like, what? Where's the series snowboarder in this I, you know, I just I always compare things to skating. I always just do I always will. And, and, you know, I believe we should put that high bar up there. And one of those high bars is like, the, the way, say, Jake Phelps and the rest of the sport through his you know, leadership you call it at Thrasher Magazine. It's like, they just really respect the sport. They there. It's like this skateboarding over the individual. It's always what's best for the sport, always. And that's a great example. So like Thrasher Magazine, like, you know, what? You could watch any? I've watched one I watched one of these lately. It was it was actually really interesting. It was a documentary on the death of rollerblading, inline skating, whatever fuck you want to call it. Um, but you wouldn't believe the similarities between like snowboarding and you know, rollerblading in the early days and like, until basically myself and others like me fucking kind of just put our foot down and no, we're not going that way. And you know, look at that is like a sport with a hundreds of millions of participants. Within a year or two, it was just dead in the water. Skateboarding as a whole just said, you know, fuck you guys. You come to our parks get our way. You get us hurt more than we actually hurt you when we hit you. Your parents fucking fuck them. And they just clown that sport into oblivion. And it's a it's possible. It's possible snowboarding kooky clown into, like, that's where it's at. Like, I would think 20 years and we'd have a like a stronger bond say with our, with our skateboarding cousins, you know, but it's it's as weak as ever. Like, you know, I'm not talking to like skateboarders in Salt Lake City or Denver But like other you know, real cities and like I don't know there's it's still a it's so does fucking goofed on you know, and it to me it's obvious why, you know, they've you know, if somebody likes say, you know, like with that bravado like Jake Phelps had actually saw the level of which skiing is like just inhale that language that we fucking I kind of brought over then everybody else like, redefine and undefined and and then skiiing just did it fucking a number on it. It's unbelievable. They I don't know what the fuck they do but you know, they at least kind of like do something stand up for like they just be like What the fuck is going on with this? You know, like, and that's where I feel like the magazines this snowboard magazines. They have to be they have to have more responsibility towards the sport as a sport and then the people that make up the sport not the corporations and advertisers around it because I don't care fucking Of course you got like, you know, bend to them I get that but you know if you're if Yeah, you guys Yeah. You're more on you know, the corporate side it's like you run a magazine of course you have to be I get that but you also run a magazine that like and you know, a very popular social media platforms whatever the fuck it is. And you know if you guys are the voice of snowboarding then be the fucking voice and like, let's get our sport back in line. Let's get you know, our kind of like, I don't know, language back, you know, just as easy as they just swooped that from us. We just start clowning skiers, when you hear them say anything to do with snowboarding or skateboarding when they're defining anything in their sport. Their sport had been defined for hundreds of years. They came and reinvented their sport, you know, as a direct result of snowboarding, and it that time. If you want new names for your shit, if you're sick of Daffy and sick as spreaders and fucking helicopters I get it. Those are fucking pretty dorky terms. yeah he could have just kind of like re yeah I don't know redefined you your new words to describe what you're doing and not just kind of like go through another sports like trick definitions everything just just take that because it sounds cool and it's um that's what I just fucking it that's just folks shit out of me it just does it always will. But okay when you start to do that that's pretty much signifying the end of Rad Matters again brought to you by Telos Snowboards pretty much the best fucking boards in the world which is and my unwavering wit funny as hell I hate myself and I want to die trying to make the world a better place for for someone at some point but definitely not the the crew that snowboarding right now I tried to make the world a better place and they fucking blew it